The 12 Volt Solar Battery Charger

The typical 12 volt electric battery has usually been enough to sustain a typical car’s energy needs without needing another energy source. But larger vehicles, such as a live-in trailer or motor home, may need more power than this 12 volt battery can give. What is your best option in this situation?

In vacation moments such as these, the 12 volt solar battery charger is the perfect solution. This solar charger infuses the battery with energy by turning energy from the sun into direct current and storing it in the battery. The charger transfers this current to the battery using either trickle charging (this is when the battery is constantly being replenished) or by normal battery charging (when the battery is charged once it gets low on capacity). Both of these methods work well, but the trickle charging uses fewer watts and is faster to accomplish.

Besides having two different methods to charging the batter, the 12 volt solar battery charger also has two models available today. One model is plugged into the motor home’s lighting socket, while the other model variation can be mounted on the motor home’s roof. Both models have their pros and cons to consider before buying. The first model is quite easy to cart around; but it is also rather inconvenient. The second model has beauty in simplicity, but must be guarded against the elements and flying rocks encountered on a road trip.

For a truly do it yourself solar power approach, consider buying a photovoltaic cell and assembling it. If you love to build machines, this is certainly another great option. Here is one last tip: if you choose to opt for the trickle charging version of the solar power charger, be sure to purchase a controller for your solar battery so that you do not over or undercharge your battery.

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