25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Parents

What do you buy your parents on such a memorable occasion? Well it all depends on how old you are and what your budget is. Here are some ideas for 25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Parents.

If you are still a child then anything you do for your parents on this occasion will be much appreciated. Cook them a special meal, give them a handmade card and flowers or save up your pocket money and treat them to a surprise meal out at their favourite restaurant.

If you are an adult then you have more possibilities. What are their interests? What hobbies do they have? Consider treating them to a weekend away at a nice hotel in the country, or a spa weekend for two. If your budget stretches to it a surprise city break somewhere they have always wanted to go.

Champagne and flowers are always appreciated especially from someone they love. A nice idea is engraved flutes to match that they can keep and remember the special occasion they were bought for.

A 25th wedding anniversary is a great excuse to throw a party, whether a surprise or planned. You can invite family, old friends and new friends. What better date to celebrate than your parent’s 25th wedding anniversary?!

The actual date of the anniversary may not be suitable. It may fall on a weekday or a time when not everyone can come. Try and make it as near as possible to the actual date. Don’t book a venue or make definite plans until you have contacted everyone that needs to be there, or you may find that your mother’s best friend or dear old Aunt Sally is unavailable and it could make the occasion less special than it could be.

Having parents celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary is very special and whatever you choose to do to mark the day should be decided with them in mind, their preferences and personal taste.

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