How To Make Your 3 Day Detox Diet Easy to Follow

Start the first day of your 3 day detox with a water and fruit juice diet. Avoid tea, coffee and alcohol completely during this period. You could have a light salad and include tuna fish in it as this will help you to get through the day without feeling the side effects of this detox diet. Many end up feeling listless and have nausea and head ache which forces them to give up the diet on the very first day.

On the second day of your detox diet you should have the complete fruits instead of the juice along with a lot of water. Try adding some lime juice to the water with a dash of maple syrup. You should continue to avoid tea, coffee and alcohol and include steamed vegetables and fish for lunch and dinner. Drink water whenever the hunger pangs become unbearable and you will feel better and can go on to the third day of your detox diet.

The third day should be the most stringent with only water and fruits throughout the day. You can have any amount of citrus fruits, melons, pineapples and plums. Once you get through the third day you will find the difference in your energy levels and will be able to do a lot more during a day than you could earlier.

Do not go back to habitual binging as this will ruin the complete effects of the detox diet. After a 3 day period of abstaining from over eating your appetite will automatically become a lot less and there is no need to indulge yourself just because you feel like nibbling on something. Many people do this because they are bored, so it is best to keep yourself occupied and avoid this temptation. You will soon get used to this healthy way of eating and will be delighted with the fast weight loss and the new energy levels too.

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