Starting Running? Here Are 8 Ways To Prepare

If you ask around, there are more and more people choosing running as their form of exercise.  This form of exercise is affordable and does not require any special equipment or training.  People can do as much or as little as they want.  And there is no pressure, so they can go at their own pace.  In addition, most communities have clubs that you can join for running buddies.  Or you can join an online running group.

Before starting your running program, you should prepare by doing the following:

1. Have a complete physical exam with blood work to be sure that you are healthy enough to exercise
2. Invest in a pair of quality running shoes:  If you have orthopedic foot conditions or diabetes you should visit a specialty shoe store and buy orthopedic shoes.
3. Invest in a large water bottle
4. Load your iPod with your favorite music or music that will inspire you to keep moving!
5. Get chronic health conditions in control: Do not start exercising if your blood pressure is uncontrolled or if your glucose machine shows very high or low readings.
6. Dress for success!  Treat yourself to work out clothes that you feel good in. Look for fabrics that wick away moisture and keep you cool.
7. Set realistic goals!  Most people cannot run non-stop on their first time out.  Set a distance goal and work to improve your time at your own pace.
8. Sign up for a race!  Nothing is more motivating than having a specific deadline. Choose a race that appeals to you, sign up and train for it.  Chances are that once you make it through that race, you’ll be hooked!

Running is a great way to get in shape and lose weight.  Set realistic goals and invest in quality foot wear and you’ll be prepared to run all over!

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