About the Algarve

Algarve is in the southernmost part of Portugal. It is a popular tourist destination by foreigners and Portuguese themselves. Hills and rich valleys are commonly found in this region. You can see a lot of fishing villages nearby since fishing and aquaculture are the primary source of livelihood by the people in Algarve. The weather in Algarve is mostly warm. Their temperature ranges from 15 ̊C to 31 ̊C. They also experience a winter season but the temperature never falls below zero Celsius.

Algarve still has some undeveloped areas where you can see some rock formations and cliffs that have preserved their natural charm. This region is also known for its extensive beaches with fine golden sand. The beaches vary from tiny, intimate coves to extensive sandy beaches where you can appreciate the Atlantic waves crashing into the shores. You do not have to worry about where to stay in Algarve. There are many cheap villas that you can rent.

When you arrive, you will not have to worry about transportation since there are trains, buses and taxis available. Trains are considered the cheapest ride. It can be convenient for those who are not in a hurry and you won’t need to keep an Algarve map in your bag. Bus fares are also reasonable. It is well suited for longer journeys and they are quicker. On the other hand, taxis can also offer affordability. In fact, they have fare lists displayed inside. Taxis here are can be distinguished whether they are a new or old. New taxis are cream colored while old ones are black with green roofs.

Since Algarve is known for its crystal clear and clean beaches, a lot of water activities are offered for fun-loving tourists. Some of their water sports activities are surfing, jet skiing, diving, and parasailing. In relation to its warm climate, a lot of beach goers from around the world are attracted to it. Its splendid beaches are perfect for those who opt to have sun-kissed skins.

Talking about foods, Algarve has a lot of restaurants and cafes. These restaurants serve a wide variety of foods which you will surely enjoy. The foods are usually of the highest quality and the ingredients are mostly based on their fresh local products. They also offer enticing exotic sea food dishes that will fill your vacation time with Mediterranean flavor.

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