Adderall And Percocet Addiction

Addiction is a horrible way to find out that you are a weak subject. It is also at least half mental. The body usually does not crave the effect of adderall or percocet but the mind does. Percocet fills the person, even before they become addicted to the substance, with a completely euphoric feeling. They feel that everything is great and the world is all good. Adderall is a completely different high. It gives energy,focus and amplifies alertness. This is one of the reasons that colleges have such a hard time with students using it.

Percocet addiction gives a nice high it also touches on a receptor of the brain that tells the person that they want the drug in their system again. The addiction is completely curable but some of the processes of it are extremely painful just like withdrawals off of all substances are. They are itching, depression, and anxiety. These symptoms all go away once the opiate is reintroduced into the blood.

Adderall is a drug used for severe and abnormal depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and narcolepsy. Though it treats these well it also creates a feeling in the person who takes them of a kind of euphoric energy level that they desire. It also cures feelings of paranoia and allows them to feel what they think of as normal.

When adderall addiction takes over it creates a few easily discovered signs. Dry mouth, decreased appetite leading to weight loss, trouble falling asleep, depression and anxiety. This drug increases the blood pressure, pulse, the breathing becomes elevated and when taken in large quantities it will cause cardio vascular failure. If you are concerned that someone you know has over dosed on adderall they will need immediate medical attention. The signs to look for are confusion, seizures, twitching and the shakes, they will have delusions and hallucinations, they will have swelling and numbness in their extremities and they will have nausea.

If there is any doubt it is best to seek professional counsel on the next step. Your intervention can save their life.

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