Advantages Of Hardwood Floors

Owning a home is an achievement anyone can be proud of, especially these days when real estate and the economy is having such a hard time. It is great to be able to start and raise a family I a place you can really call your own. So, when purchasing that all-important house, be sure to look out for one major thing- its flooring. Yes, this may sound boring and practical, but this is important because it will hold your family, literally and figuratively, for all the years you will live in that edifice.

There is an ongoing debate about what kind of flooring to look for or use but let’s make our conversation more specific by focusing on two types- the carpeted and hardwood flooring.

Carpeted flooring is very popular because it is simply the cheapest kind of flooring you can get around. It also offers a lot in the way of design, as you can choose different kinds of carpeting, and it is ok for starting a family as it provides a natural play area for the babies.

Carpeted flooring can be tough to clean though. It takes more than just a Hoover every now and then. It takes some shampooing and steaming, especially when there are stains. Stains on carpets are the hardest to clean and live with. So maintenance may need to include the expense of professional cleaners, which may be detrimental to your health – many people end up having to undergo detox cleanse treatment after many years of exposure to harsh cleaning chemicals.

Hardwood floors have none of these problems. This flooring is very easy to maintain. Provided you have a good floor to begin with, all you need to do is sweep and dust mop regularly and prevent damage by not exposing it to the sun, dirt, dust, or anything that will scratch the finish or force your to redo the whole floor. It can add beauty and drama to the house and increase its real estate value too!

However, it is not as soft as a carpet so it does not offer the same range of buffering. A few strategically placed rugs could solve this problem though. It is also better for children with sensitivity to dust and dirt though or kids with asthma.

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