Some Pros And Cons Of Wood Burning Stoves

Nowadays, It seems like there may be a revival of those traditional wood burning stoves that our grandparents and great grandparents used to rely upon.  The reasons are mainly environmental or financial.   If you are considering installing any kind of wood burning stoves in your home, this article will give you some pros and cons to consider, so you can make a well rounded decision.


*Wood burning Stoves feed on wood, and if you have tree acreage in your property, the cost of heating will be zero.

*They keep the room warm and can be modified into central heating systems and  hot water systems, or complement a regular gas combi boiler.

*Cheap to maintain.

*Keeps you in shape, as you have to split logs regularly.

*Gives your home a romantic, cozy, family-like, nostalgic ambiance and tends to gather everyone around it, improving communication and bonding amongst family members.

*It serves multi purposes: You can cook on it, bake, heat water, and warm yourself and the kitchen or living room where it is usually installed.


*They can be quite expensive, compared to a regular stove or water heater.

*There are laws to protect the environment that determine the amount of pollution and smoke that your wood burning stove is allowed to produce.

*You may get neighbors complains if you have installed a wood burning stove and produce smokes and smells, especially if in a residential area  of a town.

*You need to buy/ chop/store a considerable amount of dry wood to last the whole winter.

* Wood burning stoves, if used for heating purposes, need to be constantly fed. If you forget to add wood, it will go off. They need constant supervision.

*If you are not careful, there is the possibility of fire accidents.

*Vents, flues and chimneys need to be kept clean to avoid fire hazards.

*Wood burning stoves get very hot and if a child or pet accidentally touch them, can cause nasty burns.

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