Methods To Advertise A Brand New Service Or Product

As any business owner knows, effective advertising is essential. Good advertising alerts consumers to your product or service and persuades them to choose you over the competition. To capture the attention of a larger audience, affordable yet inventive advertising is important and the following 7 ways to advertise a new product or service should give you some valuable help:

Online Advertising. Not surprisingly, this is now one of the most popular platforms for advertising, especially on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, both of which allow you to reach a potentially large audience. Email campaigns and a good well designed website are both invaluable, as is the use of Google adwords and online marketing of articles.

Print Media. Newspapers and magazines still have their place in the electronic age, allowing you to target consumers with specific interests.

Samples. Distributing samples allows a potential customer to become instantly familiar with your product; it also increases customer awareness and ultimately your profit margin.

Electronic Media. Radio and television allow you to reach millions of customers at a time and a catchy or memorable jingle or slogan can work wonders for your sales.

Billboards. Billboards located next to major highways and busy roads are a relatively affordable way to target customers located in a specific city or area of the country.

Endorsements. It can be expensive to have your new product or service endorsed by a well-known person, but this is a tried and tested way to boost sales and brand awareness.

Free Gifts. A simple yet effective marketing strategy is to give away free gifts to target specific customers.

Other methods would be the use of double sided business cards on business card plastic holder.

By using some or all of the above methods, a new service or product can be marketed effectively, both online and by other more traditional methods.

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