The Alcohol Detoxification Treatment

When a patient is undergoing alcohol detoxification treatment, there is always the tendency to experience alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Methods of treating these symptoms vary. Mild withdrawal symptoms can be treated without the use of drugs. People who are suffering from severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms are mostly alcoholics who are finding it very difficult to stay sober. These people need to undergo therapies using medicines to make sure that the withdrawal symptoms will not bring about serious complications. There have been cases when heavy alcohol drinkers stop drinking right away without using drugs, they experience serious complications such as seizures and brain damage.

One of the most common drugs that is used for alcohol withdrawal symptoms are called benzodiazepines. Examples of brands for benzodiazepines are Serax, Ativan and Valium. When medical professionals used drugs to counter symptoms, and they decrease the dosage of the medicines during the period of withdrawal treatment.

When an alcohol dependent is able to overcome all withdrawal symptoms, the supervising physician may still prescribe medicines to the patient. These medicines intend to prevent the dependent from drinking again. An example of such medicines is Disulfiram. Disulfiram causes negative outcomes like vomiting, nausea and dizziness if the person tries to consume alcohol. Another drug used us  Naltrexone, which attacks the brain to lower the person’s desire for alcohol.

Researchers believe that inpatient alcohol detoxification program or protocol is better than the outpatient one in terms of effectiveness and longevity of recovery. In general, inpatient alcohol rehabilitation programs are highly recommended to heavy drinkers and those who suffer from severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

Treatment of alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be socially based. This means that there is going to be a lot of counseling as well as social sessions. Some treatment procedure even utilizes vitamins and proper nutrition. Although most people who are dependent in alcohol experience mild to moderate symptoms of withdrawal, it is still important to consider treatment in an alcohol rehabilitation facility. Alcohol dependents will be given more attention by healthcare practitioners.

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