Alkaline Foods: Benefits Of Juicing Wheatgrass In Building The Blood

Going on an alkaline diet has become a popular trend in keeping yourself healthy right now.  Well, for one, this diet would not become popular if it isn’t effective.  There are so many people who can attest to how the alkaline diet is very beneficial to their health.  If you are puzzled how it does, the answer is that it alkalizes our bodies slightly.  Having a pH level of the ideal state that is from 7.45 – 7.65 means that you are slightly alkaline.  The perfectly healthy human body have this pH level.

If your pH level is lower than 7 and is about 4, this means that you are very acidic, the lower your pH level drops, the more acidic you are.  Being acidic means that you are helping the harmful organisms in your body such as the bacteria and viruses to spread faster.  This isn’t very pretty to picture out at all.  The cancer causing free radicals also like a very acidic body.  There is no other way to reverse acidity in the body but by going alkaline. Get hold of the best juicer for your needs and start alkalizing today.

Wheatgrass juice is one great way to become alkaline.  This is because it is in the liquid form already which means it can be absorbed by our internal system in merely minutes.  This is very rich in chlorophyll which is great in providing oxygen in the blood.  For those who are suffering from low counts of red blood cells or having anemia, this is one great way to build more red blood cells.  The more oxygen there is in our blood, the more capable we are in transporting the nutrients that are present in our blood to all of the other systems in the body.

Now that you know what wheatgrass juice can do for you, you might want to purchase more of this wonderful plant.  Make sure that you will only get the best organic wheatgrass.  Never get something that is already loaded by pesticides since the chemicals in those types of wheatgrass will also enter your body.

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