Amana Refrigerator And Freezer Types

The selection of Amana refrigerator freezers is very diverse.  Amana manufactures a large number of different models in a wide range of form factors.  The model types in the Amana refrigerator range include Side-by-Side, French Door, Bottom Freezer and Top Freezer.  There is also a separate line of stand-alone Amana freezers for those not seeking refrigerators and freezers in one combination units.

Amana Side-By-Side American Style Refrigerators

Amana side-by-side refrigerator range is priced on the low-end for side-by-sides.  Amana refrigerators of this type are somewhat skimpy on features, but they are a great value pricewise at around a thousand dollars.  This is a pretty good price for an American Fridge from a quality manufacturer.

Amana French Door Refrigerators

French Door refrigeration is where Amana focus their premium models.  The Amana French door fridges range in price from $1600 up to $2100.  The more expensive models include features such as extra freezer shelves and higher end feature sets.

Amana Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

This line of Amana refrigerators is also relatively expensive.  They range in price from $900 all the way up to $1500 – more than the Amana side-by-sides.  Spending more obtains you extra storage space and more the premium level features than are found in the base units.

Amana Top Freezer Refrigerators

The traditional top freezer is always popular with people on a budget. Amana does not disappoint this market as this line is priced for everyone.  While the high end units in this range sell for $1100 there are some bare bones base top mount refrigerators from Amana available for only a little over $530.

Amana Freezers

Amana sells both upright freezers and chest freezer units.  While their lineup is not extensive buyers will readily find an Amana dedicated freezer unit that suits their needs.

With so many Amana Refrigerators and Amana Freezers available in stores, they have an appliance for anyone – no matter what their budget.

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