Animal Print Rugs

It might be very fashionable to own an animal print rug and it is also a lot of fun. If you are thinking now that you would not want to have animal hides in the home, do not worry because animal print rugs are as the name says. They are prints  and can be on different types of material which does not have to be, and most often is not, animal leather.  There will be some printed on cowhides but there are also many on faux fur which is synthetic fur. It is also possible to find animal prints rugs made of wool or cotton. Wool rugs are often a very good idea for a children’s bedroom as not only they are  soft and warm but wool contains lanolin which is a natural anti-bacterial substance. Some animal print rugs will imitate the animal hide, therefore you can get zebra print rugs that look like the hide of a zebra or a zebra pattern but there are a lot more designs you can choose from some very creative and inspired by bold trends such as Art Deco style.  Normally exotic and tropical  animals are still the most popular, unlike say farm animals. The most popular animals for prints are zebras, cheetahs and tigers.

The good thing about animal print rugs is that you will find the right design and colours to go with basically any home decor. The only word of caution is not to go over the top with your zebra or leopard patterns as a room full of them can become very tacky quickly.  The internet will be a very good source of inspiration as you will be able to browse the hundreds of design available in large online stores such as Amazon but also in the hundreds of more specialized small online shops. You will be amazed of what you can find online!

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