Accent Your Home With an Antique Candelabra

If you are thinking of remodelling your home, adding antique candelabra to your living or dining room makes an excellent design choice. Not only do they make great accents during the day, but are also very useful. Once the sun goes down, you can use them to elegantly hold candles and provide good lighting. They are eye-catchers so it’s best to plan muted or complementary room dcor based on the candelabra you will be using. Simple versions consist of just one or two candelabrum, while more elaborate designs use three or more candelabrums and have more columns. Inexpensive designs are originally made from wood and iron, while extravagant material like glass, crystal, silver, and gold were also used a few centuries back.

Today, they have been made more modern to be able to burn efficiently and light up a table with the use of oil or incandescent light. However, the feel of a modern and new one doesnt compare to the classical touch that antique candelabras give. They represent traditional craftsmanship which has changed over the centuries, and add a special touch to your home. They can be used in almost every occasion from simple meals, romantic candle-lit dinners, intimate parties with close friends, and of course during the holiday season. Because of the candelabras classic and timeless design, it will complement just about any occasion, silverware, crystal, and decor you have at home. Using a table runner for the candelabra will also help in protecting the table from any scratches or marks, and can also add to the aesthetic appeal.

Antique candelabras can cost anywhere from a hundred to a couple of thousand dollars each, depending on its age and the material used. Neighbourhood flea markets and specialty antique shops carry a variety of authentic and beautifully made pieces within your budget. If you research well, you can still find affordable versions which are great investments for your home.

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