Apple’s Evolution To Legitimate Game Company

One of the biggest surprises of the year 2010 came from an unlikely source: Apple computers.  And it has nothing to do with MP3 players or smart phones.  The surprise is Apple’s immense improvement in video game display.  Many people feel that the enhancements are long overdue, but the Mac brand is not the sole reason for the change.

Improved Graphics

Valve Software, one of the premier developers of 3D games, launched its services as a Mac compatible version.  When asked why the company finally made the leap to Apple computers a company spokesman stated that the graphics for Apple machines finally had caught up to the rest of the industry.

This was a huge accomplishment.  For years gamers relied on PC’s since newer and faster video cards were constantly needed in order to stay up to date with the game improvements.  Changing a video card on a Mac product was unheard of, therefore PC’s were the only option.  This meant that game developers focused their efforts on providing items compatible with just the PC’s and largely ignored the Apple.

Shift Away from Computers

Another strong influence was the shift of games away from computers to the better consoles.  The Playstation and Xbox craze left PC games in the dust. Companies realized that if they wanted to stay competitive and gain new customers they would have to focus their efforts on providing new products for the more popular gaming systems.  This meant that the games no longer depended on the latest and greatest graphics but rather the best design.  A more advanced design meant that the Apple computers offered a better platform for the new games.

Demand From the Public

Of course, game developers could not afford to continue ignoring the Apple brand of computers.  Thanks to the industry changing iPod, coupled with the growing popularity of the iPhone, Apple’s sales of their desktop and laptop computers started to slowly increase month after month. Thus, more people had computers that needed the latest games.  So developers had yet another reason to turn the discussion away from a PC only environment and begin to chat with the people at Apple about how the games could work on the Mac branded devices.

Valve really did not change the computer gaming landscape when it introduced a game for Mac computers.  It merely confirmed what was already happening.  The Apple computers are here to stay whether it is for work, school or just good old fashioned play.

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