Are You At Risk For Scabies?

More individuals can be infected by scabies than what you may suppose.  You can catch it anywhere in the world, just through being in contact with a person who has it.  Before you go out there, educate yourself on these scabies risk factors.

Scabies Causes – How Scabies is Spread

Scabies is caused by a microscopic mite.  You can’t see it, which means it cannot move far or fast.  Scabies doesn’t spread by brief contact.  You need prolonged direct contact for the mite to spread.  This takes place at least a lot of the time.  Even when a person has no signs or symptoms, they could still spread scabies.  Since there is this much time involved, the mite can easily spread through a home.

How can you tell who has scabies?  They don’t have a little cloud around them where the bug is flying around.  You can examine pictures of scabies on skin to see what a rash looks like, but you don’t want to get too close to a person to see if they actually have it.  Also, the rash could be covered by clothing.

Scabies can also be transmitted via infected surfaces, like linens.  If you are the person who has to wash the sheets, you will want to wear latex gloves to avoid catching the mite.

Some people believe that you can get it from your pets. Animals cannot give you scabies.  There is a form of canine scabies, but it does not transmit to humans. Dogs cannot be infected with human scabies.

Where are You More Likely to catch Scabies?

You can contract a scabies infestation anywhere.  Most of the time, you will get it in your home after a family member is exposed.  The mite can also spread through sexual contact in adults.  After that, high risk living environments include day care centers, nursing homes, and prisons.

Can Scabies be Treated?

If you think you have scabies, visit the doctor.  He will recommend that your entire family be treated, even if they do not yet have symptoms.  The doctor will prescribe scabies cream in most instances.  Most of the time, this cream works very well.  The other methods of treating scabies, like natural remedies, are not yet proven in their effectiveness.

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