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If you’re like me, you like to do your shopping online.  It’s easy, convenient, and less time consuming.  You can also compare prices between many different websites to find the hottest deals.  But online shopping has its downfalls as well.  Buying clothing and shoes online makes it difficult to find the best fit because trying them on is not possible.  Other items you just need to handle yourself to determine if it’s what you want and need.

Most towns have an army navy shop which sells many items of military surplus.  Nearby I have a store called ‘Uncle Sam’s Army Navy Surplus.’  This store has everything a good army surplus shop should have.  If I need camo for hunting or paintballing, they’ve got a great selection of styles and sizes.  They have different sizes of military surplus ammunition cans.  Tactical vests, gear duffle bags, molle pouches, weapons accessories, slings, optics, camping tents and gear, camping chairs, military cots and other outdoor items are easily attainable at your local army shop.  They are not only available with great selection but the prices are hard to beat anywhere else, even online.  One thing to note however:  a lot of the items have been previously used, hence the phrase ‘military surplus.’  If you have a question about the used status of an item, ask the helpful sales staff.  Items such as cots and ammo cans may have been used, but camelbacks, eating utensils etc. are usually factory new.

I would encourage a visit to your local army navy shop.  If nothing else, browsing their onsite merchandise can provide great ideas for items to add to your survival preparations.  Their prices are hard to beat, and being able to acquire the item immediately beats online orders and shipping prices.  Happy shopping

Here are some online surplus sites to get you started.  Compare the prices with your local army shop.

Moosejaw Winter Clearance Sale

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