Audio Meditation For Beginners

If you’re like many in Western society, your life has been characterized by a string of “failed” relationships.  The reality is that while many of those relationships might have caused pain and discomfort, none of them is really a failure.  Each experience propels you toward a new present moment, and helps you overcome deep-seated emotional difficulties.  In fact, your subconscious mind will continue to engineer circumstances that allow you to come face to face with your most important issues, until you finally recognize and resolve them.

For many people, what psychologists commonly refer to as intimacy issues are actually just manifestations of low self esteem.  If you suffer from low self esteem, you’re also likely to have significant intimacy issues.  If you were raised by stern disciplinarians who praised you for good deeds and punished you for bad ones, you might have left that experience feeling that you’re only worthwhile when you do good things.  That can cause you to hide your darker aspects, which often leads to lies and betrayals in your relationships.

The second major cause of intimacy issues is childhood emotional difficulty, most often caused by a parent or guardian.  While child abuse is an extreme circumstance, most children leave their childhood with some degree of unresolved emotional difficulty.  It’s just part of being human.

You can begin to get past your fear of intimacy, and many other self esteem-related problems, through guided meditation.  Western society has begun to embrace meditation as a powerful tool for life enhancement.  You can find intimacy meditations in a number of locations.  If you’d like help addressing a sexual intimacy issue, there is an online vendor who sells guided imagery to help with physical intimacy issues (sold as an audio meditation for beginners).

If you’re even a little open-minded, audio meditation aids can help you achieve significant release from your emotional intimacy issues.

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