Audio Transcription – Choose The Right Transcriptionists

Nowadays it is common to use transcription services as they form a very important role in business. Based on various business needs for transcribing documents, there are various transcription services available in the market. Various transcription companies claim to offer high quality and accurate transcription services to their customers/clients. In other words, transcription services help to transcribe files simple.

About The Importance Of Right Transcriptionists?

You’ll come across various types of transcription service such as business transcription, medical transcription, financial transcription, audio transcription, legal transcription services and lot more. Among all, audio transcription services are much in demand. This type of transcription services is required by various business owners from all over the world.

Audio transcription is defined as the process of converting audio file into text format. The process of audio transcription is done with the help of an experienced transcriptionist. Audio transcription has been proved beneficial among hearing disabilities. As per current trends various companies or business owners need audio transcription services, as their work demands transcribing various audio files into text formats.

Many outsourcing transcription services offer quality work along with on time delivery to their clients. Once you come across the right kind of transcriptionist, you can be assured of getting high quality services on your work.

How To Choose The Right Transcriptionist?

As per Industry Production Standards Guide or IPS, various audio typing services must have transcriptionist having following points:

  • Transcriptionist must have around 2-3 years of office, secretarial or business experience.
  • They must have keyboard speed of around 70 wpm i.e. words per minute
  • Good grammar and language skills.
  • They must have the software skills to handle their client’s projects.
  • Having 2-3 years of basic transcription experience will be an added advantage.
  • Having master degree in the field of language skills; such as grammar, spelling, punctuation and sentence structure.
  • Work accuracy, decision making skills and ability to take independent decisions.

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