Looking Into AZ Residential Pest Control

When I moved to Tuscon, Arizona, I was looking forward to a break from the harsh winters of northern Wyoming. Brutally cold temperatures had kept me home bound through six-seven months of the year. Thus, when I had a chance to relocate to Tuscon, I jumped at the chance. Little did I know that the desert had a surprise for me, a surprise that would required the unique services of an AZ residential pest control company.

In Wyoming, we have termites, bees, annoying birds, and other pests. Because there is no shortage of pests, we have no shortage of pest control. I had to work with a pest control company a couple of times during my time in Wyoming. The first time, I had a large hive of bees that took up residence in the siding of my home. These bees presented several dangers and the hive was too big for me to take care of on my own. Calling a pest control company seemed like the right idea. Likewise, when I had a rodent infestation in my office one fall, I called a commercial pest control company to take care of the problem. I know that the mice and rats that intruded into my office were just trying to escape the cold temperatures outside, but I didn’t want to share my office with them. I figured that Arizona would just present me with more of the same. I was right, but I was also really wrong.

It takes a unique kind of pest to be able to survive in the desert climate of Arizona, I will only talk about two pest invasions that prompted me to call an AZ residential pest control company. The first pest I learned to loathe was the cockroach. I never once saw a cockroach in Wyoming, but I saw them all over the place in Arizona. I killed a couple every day at home and at my office. I figured they were just stragglers that had come in from outside somewhere. Then I came across a statistic that suggested that for every cockroach that you do see, there are a thousand that you don’t see roaming the walls of your home or office. That thought was enough to gross me out and prompt me to call an AZ residential pest control specialist to clear my home and a commercial pest control specialist to clear my office.

The second pest that Arizona introduced me to was the scorpion. Scorpions are desert dwellers, but since my home was on the edge of the desert, I saw way more scorpions than I ever wanted to see. I worried about my children getting stung as they played in my yard. I worried about my dog snuffling around in the grass and receiving a rude surprise. I didn’t want to have to worry about who might get stung next, so I called an AZ residential pest control company to once again come to my home and save me from Arizona’s unique pests. I do like living in the desert, for now. I never have to worry about freezing cold, but stifling heat is a concern I didn’t have to deal with before. Likewise, I escaped the bear and moose that I used to worry about in Wyoming, but I now have to contend with cockroaches and scorpions. I guess there are always trade offs in life. For now, I am happy with where I live. I can handle a few pests as long as I have a pest control company’s number on speed dial. I think I am going to make it just fine here in Arizona.

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