Baby Room Decorating Ideas Using Stars

Baby room decorating ideas that use stars can really work for either gender. This can be a very sophisticated and elegant design style, but it can also be very whimsical as well. You can really use simple outlines to make a very basic but powerful statement in your room.

One thing that you might want to consider is going with more of the contemporary design style. In this case, you could really just outline a few stars on the wall. Make sure you use crisp and clean lines. This could almost look like a charcoal drawing if you use black paint. In this case it really needs to be oversized. This is going to be one of the cooler ways to do this motif.

You can also make this style a little bit softer and more feminine. You could cut a star shape out of a sponge. You could use this on your furniture. This can look a little bit cheesy so it is important to really tighten up your color palette and you can go for more of a neutral effect. You can also just use this to create your own artwork by using a lot of ribbon and wall plaques.

Another option is to go in a much more elegant design style with your baby room ideas or baby girl bedding. Stars are motifs that you even really see in dining rooms a lot. This is an opportunity for you to bring in sophisticated burgundy and gold wallpaper and it also will be age appropriate just because of the star motif on it. You could also really mimic this design style just by painting your ceiling blue and then stenciling gold stars on top of it. The use of metallic is going to make it much more sophisticated and elegant. Keep this theme going with beautiful Morovan star chandeliers or lamps. This will be a little bit pricier than your basic ceiling fixture but it’s also a focal point that can last for years.

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