Words to Welcome a Baby With

Whether you have one or 19, having a new baby is always an exciting and memorable event. Selecting the invitation is just as important as every other decision that goes into planning a baby shower.  Sorting out the invitations seems almost as big a task as deciding on the baby shower food itself!

The sentiment tied into the wording of a baby shower invitation will always express great joy, but personalizing it to fit the taste of the Mom-to-Be requires consideration and thought. Typically, the one throwing the shower knows the Mom-to-Be on an intimate level and therefore should have no problem coordinating an invitation with the theme of the party and the sex (if it is known) of the baby.

Baby shower invitation wording for a boy will naturally be related to boys’ interests such as cars, trucks, trains, planes and tools.  Baby shower invitation wording for girls would relate to baby dolls, tea sets and all things pink.  If you know the sex of the baby, convey that thought either through words or colors so the recipient will best know how to shop for the new arrival.  If you are writing the invitation yourself and need some tips, a Google search will provide you with some food for thought.  If you someone who writes poetry, or whose writing you just happen to like, ask her to write the content of the invitation.  This is a labour of love and one request that certainly will be obliged.

Baby shower invitation wording for a boy or a girl may be easier to do after the baby has been born, the sex has been confirmed, physical features have been seen, and mother and baby have had a chance to bond.  Whatever you may decide to include in your invitation, take time to sit back and soak in the miracle of the birth of a new baby!

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