The Bandeau Swimsuit

The bandeau swimsuit is a very popular piece of swimwear amongst women all over the world. Its popularity is based on the very fact that it is does not use straps, which for many women can be very bothersome, allowing the shoulders and the neck to be exposed to sunlight creating a uniform tan. Another feature of this particular type of swimsuit is the fact that it is very useful for women with small breasts and a tiny waist because it greatly emphasizes their feminine attributes in the sense that the swimsuit, not using straps, tends to fit tight like a second skin creating extra volume and reshaping the body.

Swimwear has come a long way since the invention of the bikini in the 40’s and the sexual revolution in the 60’s. The bikini released the feminine body and created a whole new industry. Swimsuits are, nowadays, in high demand and are one the most sold items of clothing in the whole world. What the market demands many brands and designers are providing. Many fashion brands, like Victoria’s Secret and Guess, are now creating high quality pieces of swimwear for every size and taste, from children to adult swimwear, flooding the market every summer with new swimsuits.

The fact is that swimwear is more than about taking a swim at the beach. It is about summer, freshness and style. It’s about being feminine and celebrating it. That is why swimwear tends to accentuate the female body shape. Who doesn’t remember the Ursula Andrews bikini scene in the 007 movie “Dr. No” where she rises out of the water? It wasn’t just her, it was the bikini. It helps women release their beauty and it empowers them.

This is the effect of a swimsuit – it helps women be more feminine and enhances their attributes allowing them to feel more comfortable about themselves and their bodies. Even those who don’t enjoy wearing a bandeau bikini because they feel too exposed find in the one piece swimsuit all the comfort  and the exposure they need. The bandeau swimsuit is perfect for all ages and sexy enough to make every women more happy about their bodies.

The Bandeau ranges of swimwear and undergarments are similar to strapless bras but with a sense of style.

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