Barclays: Not Just Banking

You’ve probably hard of Barclays as a bank, and you probably know that they have a lot of different banking and account options.  They not only have personal and business banking accounts, they also have investment banking options.  However, you may not know that Barclays has a lot more than just banking to offer you.  Here are some other things that they offer.

Barclays gives you a lot of security and a lot of ways to keep your investments and personal information protected.  Their website has lots of critical information about how to prevent identity theft or fraud.  They also give you some advice on making online purchases.  Plus, for extra security, they have a specially designed log-in system called PINsentry.  This keeps your information save.  For their customers, they also offer some very high quality free internet security software.

Barclays also helps you plan and save for your future.  They have a number of versatile and specialized savings accounts that you can choose from.  Their regular savings accounts have a high interest rate.  They also give you special savings accounts, to help you prepare for your child’s future.

Barclays also offers a lot of different types of insurance.  With Barclays, you can insure your home, your income, your care, or even your travels.  Barclays income insurance protects you if you loose your job due to injury or disability.  Barclays travel insurance is a great way to protect your trip, and to protect your health and belongings while you are traveling.  They have special coverage for winter sports and equipment, as well as customizable options for senior citizen travel insurance.

With Barclays, you get a lot more than just banking.  They give you one central, convenience place to do all of your financial planning, keep you money and personal information save, and also to get the insurance that you need.

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