All You Need to Know About Barn-Style Garage Construction

Are you planning to build a classic looking garage to house your tractors and other outdoor equipments? If so, then why not consider constructing a barn-style detached garage. This traditional looking garage might just be the answer to your equipment storage problems. If you happen to live in the countryside, the barn-style garage is the best garage option that will utterly complement the area. This type of garage is typically used to shelter tractors, boats, and other heavy equipments used in the field.

In particular, one of the best barn-style garage plans that you can adapt is the pole barns. This sturdy freestanding structure has been widely used since the 1930s. It offers an inexpensive and cost-efficient way of building functional exterior structures. The great thing about pole barns is that they do not need foundations to be erected properly unlike most freestanding structures. This is because pole barns are only intended for temporary use. With that said, constructing one may not require you to get a building permit, which means lesser worries on your part.

To implement your barn-style garage plans, you will need to use sturdy poles, which will be used to support the whole structure. Before, utility poles were used in building pole barns, but now, the barn’s frame can now be made from wooden beams, metal posts, or landscaping timbers. The ideal post thickness to ensure that the structure will be firm and stable is around 12 to 18 inches. Posts that are smaller than 12 inches won’t be able to fully support the entire structure. Meanwhile, extremely large posts can be difficult to work with. Therefore, make sure to only settle for barn posts within the suggested range.

Once all the needed materials have been acquired and prepared, you may now begin with the actual construction process. The barn’s post should be sunken four to ten feet deep in the ground. You may need to use a tractor-mounted auger to drill the pole’s holes on the ground. Remember not to space the post farther apart than the actual width of the barn’s exterior material. The closer the barn poles are, the sturdier the structure will be. After the poles have been set, you may now attach the roofing trusses above the poles. Ascertain that all the barn’s components are firmly secured in place to ensure that the whole structure won’t collapse.

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