Stick With The Basics For Effective Muscle Building

Understanding how to develop muscles can be very confusing for beginners. There are so many magazines, advertisements, text materials and programs that all promise effective results. But how will you evaluate all the muscle building advice that you see around? What you can actually do is not to follow all of it. You just have to stick with the basics of muscle building and development and you will surely be okay.

1. Light Weights or Heavy Weights?
This is a common question that most beginners ask. The simple answer to this is to simply start with light weights and gradually increase to heavy ones. By starting with lighter weights, you can perform more repetitions and sets that will burn plenty of fat and calories altogether. Moreover, you are able to prepare your muscles for a more intense workout later on. Once your muscles are already toned, you can already start building lean muscles using heavy weights. These muscles include biceps, pecs, thighs, calves and triceps. Do not start with heavy weights because it can strain your muscles and tire you even before you start growing them.

2. The Amount of Weight to Add
Now that you know that you have to start with light weights, your follow up question is surely the amount of weights to add. As a beginner weight lifter, you can put in 5% more weight after a week of workout. You can also do more repetitions and sets to work your muscles harder.

3. Exercises to Perform
A lot of beginners start with light weights and know when to add more weights but they really do not know what exercises to do. Whether you work out at home or in the gym, there are exercises that are perfect and most effective for muscle building. These include bench press, seated cable rows, squats, calf raises, preacher curls and lat pull downs.

As a beginner, do not overwhelm yourself with the many muscle building tips you hear and read around you. Simply focus on the basics and you will build the muscles that you want in no time.

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