Ambivalence In Bathroom Shower Designs

Design philosophies often range from the functionalist to the aesthetic though it would be wrong to place those two things on a diametrically opposed axis. Nonetheless, bathroom shower designs, like any design philosophy, must necessarily skew towards aesthetic. Why is this? Well, for the most part the design of the shower function wise is essentially complete, needing no further improvements. It does what it does. It gets water from one place to another.

However it must be understood that walk-in showers­, while complete function wise, are not quite perfect. There are many aesthetic improvements that can be undertaken in order to improve the state of your bathroom experience.

When the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your shower clash with each other, then we have what may be called an ambivalence of design. This is when your device, no matter what it is, is “not sure what it wants to be” so to speak.

This is not necessarily a problem, however ambivalence is not normally something that should exist in the first place. As we said earlier aesthetics and functionality are not axiomatic principles, being diametrically opposed. They can interact in an extremely fluid way that presupposes an axis interaction.

Ambivalence of design is the unfortunate result when the designer decides to treat aesthetics and function as axiomatic principles. It is an artificial state induced by a simple incapability of reconciling two apparently contradictory ideas.

Because the ideas are not contradictory it is quite possible to discover a factor that would allow you to meld the two smoothly. Rather than achieving ambivalence, which is the state of a lack of surety, you will instead achieve balance, which is a state of almost total surety (depending of course on you).

It is a simple matter of looking for a way to make your aesthetic improvements interact with the function of the shower to create a smooth and simple interaction with minimal fuss or hassle. That is perhaps the easiest way to achieve balance and stamp out the hassling demons of fruitless ambivalence. It is at heart the most intelligent and attractive path for you to take.

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