Some Basic Information About The Battery Tender Junior

If you want a charger that adapts to the charge levels of your automobile’s battery, then you would love the battery tender junior 12v. It is actually designed to be used in gel cell, AGM and other lead-acid batteries. With a current of 0.750 a, the output is 12 v.

The basic use of the battery tender junior 12v is to maintain the battery charge even if the automobile is on standby mode. The charger will automatically switch to a small level of voltage when a car’s battery is already fully charged, hence, preventing overcharging of the battery. It is quite easy to use the battery tender junior 12v. You just have to attach the charger to the batter of your car and you just wait for the battery to be charged. You just have to make sure that the clips will not slip off from the battery. The company indeed has a kind of credibility in producing great chargers.

However, you have to be patient with charging using the battery tender junior 12v as the charging time may be long. The company also offers chargers that would charge quicker; however, these would be really expensive. The battery tender junior 12v comes in a very affordable price. Some people would have some complaints about the length of the cord. One may have to use an extension cord to lengthen the reach of the charger.

The battery tender junior 12v comes with a five-year warranty, which is a great advantage. Since it is small, it is quite portable and easy to store. As said earlier, it is easy to use the battery tender junior 12v, aside from being so cheap and effective. This is recommended if you are not in a hurry of charging your automobile’s battery. Visit our site for more information about the battery tender junior.

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