What Can Be Learned At Beauty Schools In Illinois

There are many types of cosmetology to be learned at beauty schools in Illinois, such as hair styling, giving manicures and pedicures, and spa-like treatments such as facials. As more and more people want to pamper themselves, these types of careers continue to grow. Beauty schools in Illinois provide students with hands on training to master their craft. Hair styling has basic rules and also changing ones at the same time. There may be the basics of cutting hair, but new styles arrive on the scene each year. Sometimes a hair stylist who has been to beauty school may want to take an extra course to gear up for new hair styles that come out.

A hair stylist not only learns how to cut and style hair, but also what may look good on certain people. Many times a person may not know what hair style would look best for them. The stylist learns through their classes what styles look best for certain head shapes or faces. For instance, they may know if a person would look better with bangs or not. The stylist may also learn about the health of hair. If a customer comes in and would like advice on how to restore their brittle hair or how to keep it from becoming frizzy, a stylist can give advice or make suggestions. A stylist may ask the customer questions on what hair products they use, or what type of styling equipment they use on their hair. After knowing what the customer is using to wash and style their hair, the stylist can tell them what they should and should not be using. Beauty schools in Illinois can also teach a student how to apply makeup.

Cosmologists may work on movie or television sets, or go to a person’s home to apply makeup before an event. Makeup artists need to now not only how to apply makeup, but what type of makeup to use to various skin types. A person with sensitive skin might need a hypoallergenic makeup while a person with oily skin may need a light foundation. At the beauty schools in Illinois, makeup artists are taught what type of makeup is best for each skin type. This may include the foundation, powder, eye makeup and blush. Lipstick is also important depending on the type of skin you are applying it to. An older person may look better with a soft glimmer of shine to the lipstick than a matte which may highlight lines in the lips.

Color is also important for the makeup artist to achieve just the right glow for their client. The makeup artist may need to know the color of the outfit the customer is wearing to gear the makeup so it doesn’t clash. The color of the eye makeup, blush and lipstick should all coordinate a long with the color of the outfit. A beauty school can also teach students many different types of spa treatments including massage, facials, manicures and pedicures.

Manicures and pedicures have become very sought after as women find that pampering themselves doesn’t have to be expensive. Manicures have grown to be more than just the standard soak and polish. Now there are many different ways of having one’s nails done, and a manicurist needs to be able to do all of them if they want to keep their customers from going elsewhere. Facials are also becoming popular as a way to relax and deep clean the face. Beauty schools offer a student many different choices in what type of cosmetology they want to pursue for their career.

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