Bridging the Gap Between Mother and Teen with Bedroom Comforter Sets

When our daughters are young, toddler through elementary school age, they want to be just like mom. They want to wear mom’s high heels and make-up. They love to play in mom’s jewelry box. And, yes! As moms, most of us have those days when we wish they did not want to wear and use everything just like us. Then the teenage years come along and most of us moms would give anything if our daughters would listen to us and show an interest in what we like. Those days have slipped by.

The teenage girl has become opinionated, bold, outspoken and will do just about anything to make us wonder if we taught them anything. Ask any teen and he or she will tell you how their parents are out of touch and don’t understand. Before going off the radar in frustration, it pays for all moms to remember that as we get older our moms become smarter – at ast we begin to recognize their wisdom.

The bedroom is the teenager’s sacred space. Moms will notice that the teens do not want to make their beds. They do not hang up their clothes and they keep the door closed as much as is allowed. One way mom can break through the “generation gap” is to help the teenager select new bedroom decor. Selecting comforter sets or bedspreads for teenage girls should be done with the teen, not as a solo activity. Kids do not want mom to dictate. Besides, they are developing their own tastes and preferences.

Do not be shocked if the teenage girl wants a bedspread or comforter with a picture of their favorite “hot” movie star on it. Of course, parents should know that teens change their favorites as often as they change clothes. Steering the teen towards an animal print can be an unexpected thrill. Perhaps, showing the teen a hot pink zebra print bedding or a turquoise and black zebra print will bridge some of the gap that exists between parent and teen. Needless to say, moms would prefer something with frills. However, showing the teen that the mom understands that her tastes are developing and that the mom is willing to accept the growing process may help make mom the coolest mother in the neighborhood.

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