A Very Brief History Of Beef Stroganoff Recipes

When creating a dinner party menu, it would be beneficial to look up beef stroganoff recipes and a butternut squash soup recipe. With the wide array of recipes out there, it may be difficult to find your favorite.

There are many beef stroganoff recipes out there. The origin is thought to be Russian, but there are some people who believe it to be Hungarian. What is thought to be the original recipe did not call for mushrooms, onions or noodles (or rice) and was made with thin slices of beef rather than ground beef. Butternut squash soup also has many variations. Its origin is with the Native Americans. This fruit was thought to be so nutritious in that time that they would bury their dead with it to give them nourishment for their final journey.

Yummy Additions
The first appearance of beef stroganoff in American cookbooks was in 1932. In the 1950’s, hamburger replaced strips of beef and canned soups were added. The 1960’s tomatoes were introduced to this recipe. Today, the sky is the limit, with fresh spices, red or white wine, and even lemon juice. In addition, with so many different kinds of mushrooms, you can create a dish that you can truly call your own. The same goes for the butternut squash soup recipe. Originally made with celery, carrot, onion, and squash, today you can find recipes with apples, Thai flavors, or a southwest spin. Some have cream, while others omit the cream and opt for a dollop of sour cream. This recipe is very different in the way that you can either make it vegetarian or not. This can be achieved with using vegetable stock versus chicken stock.

These two classic dishes can be made into your own creations or kept to the traditional standard. Which ever is chosen, these two yummy meals would be a big hit in your home or at a party.

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