The Attraction Of Belize Real Estate For Sale

Belize offers two very important things for investors.  On the one hand Belize real estate for sale is lower priced than better known established Caribbean locations as well as some locations in Central America – Costa Rica real estate comes to mind, and on the other hand it also provides access to world class amenities.  Similarly low priced real estate in other countries is often accompanied by patchy infrastructure, unpaved roads, and hard to reach amenities. This isn’t the case in Belize.

But while it is more development than most emerging markets, Belize can’t be classified as a mature market either.  It’s perhaps best known as a ‘middle market.’  And in this post crisis, lower risk investment environment, it’s just this type of location that investors are looking for.

Naturally there are differences between the hot spot locations within Belize. For example, Ambergris Caye has the highest real estate prices in the country. While it’s true that Ambergris Caye’s property prices are higher than real estate in Nicaragua, or certain Panama properties (according to the website Reveal Real Estate), it’s still priced lower than other traditional Caribbean destinations. Ambergris Caye boasts world class diving, as well as the second largest barrier reef (second only to the barrier reef located in Australia) running along the length of the island.

The second most important area in Belize for real estate is arguably Placencia. Prices here are lower than in Ambergris Caye, plus there has been some recent infrastructure improvements. For many years, local services, good infrastructure, and amenities were poor. In 2010, changes were made. The road leading from the turnoff on the Southern Highway was paved and there is an international airport currently under construction at Riversdale.

Investors have begun taking interest in other parts of the country, such as Hopkins, which is just north of Placencia, and Corozal, which is located near the Mexican border. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, but they all share that quintessential Caribbean experience in a country that is known as “Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret.”

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