Some Benefits Of Small Bathtubs

When it comes to updating small homes and small bathrooms, many homeowners run into a similar issue, which is whether or not to install a bathtub. Assuming that bathtubs are available only in the traditional 5-foot length, most homeowners quickly give up on the idea. Although some people are aware that smaller bathtubs exist, they opt for a shower instead because they somehow believe they are cheaper and easier to install. Well I’m here to tell you that there are a variety of small bathtubs on the market that don’t require a professional plumber to install.

While showers are certainly a great way to get clean, nothing beats a long soak in a warm bath after a hard day at the office. You might be wondering how a small tub can accommodate a full-sized adult, particularly since most small bathtubs measure just 3-4 feet in length. The trick behind these tubs is that they are quite a bit deeper than the standard bathtub, meaning that even an adult can become fully submerged. There are even small walk-in tubs that are great for those with decreased mobility or for those that would rather have a comfortable seat while bathing.

In addition to several different types of small tubs that are on the market, there are also many different shapes, colors and finishes to choose from. Perhaps you’re looking for a small claw-foot tub to match your traditional décor or maybe you would prefer something more modern and contemporary. By doing a bit of research you can find exactly what you’re looking for. While you can certainly find small tubs through big-box retailers, perhaps the best way to shop is online where both pricing and selection are hard to beat. By using your favorite search engine it’s possible to locate a variety of retailers that specialize in small bathtubs and other bathroom products. For more information you can also browse your source on the web for all things related to home and bedroom décor at

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