The High Quality Bernina Sewing Machines

Well known for high quality is Bernina sewing machines. Care and pride in their work, shown in the superior quality product, is foremost for this family run and owned business. To protect the hard earned reputation of one of the best sewing machines in the world, special care is taken to control quality in every step of production.

Bernina is, as well as for their machines for sewing , also known of their embroidery machine options. There is worldwide availability for both the embroidery and sewing machines. Because of their superior quality productions Bernina sewing machines from as far back as the 1970s are sought after used.

Past developments, however are not the extent of the Bernina product line. They continually use innovation and development to create better, up to date products. They include many useful features into their quality products.

Often sewing will take place in a poorly lit room, hence the machines come with a sewing light built in. The need to purchase a separate sewing light is then eliminated. Bernina sewing machines incorporate CFL sewing lights. No matter how small of a stitch each one is clearly visible as the lights do not cast shadows.

As far as the embroidery machines made by Bernina, one of the greatest features is that each one comes with embroidery templates into the hundreds. Although, the patterns can be customized, giving way to a virtually limitless number of available designs. They can be combined together in various ways and edited to create any number of new patterns.

If enough options are not provided by the stock templates, a touch screen is included to display, edit and customize even more stitch options. The font as well as size of the stitching can also be edited. Also included in the display is a basic tutorial on all of the machine’s key features.

Only the highest standards are implemented in the production of Bernina sewing machines. Different features are available through a selection of models. There is a Bernina to suit just about anyone’s needs.

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