Best 60 Inch LED Under $5000?

If you are looking for a nice lcd just under $5000, I got something for you. Not only that, but the price is cheaper. You can buy the new Sony Bravia 60 inch led tv for only $2,699. What can you want more?

Here are a couple of things which will change your mind and open your soul – the new Sony is an excellent resource to watch your favorite Youtube and Pandora videos. You can even switch your favorite trailers from your remote control, which, by the way, it looks good.

One of the best thing which comes along with the new 60 inch led is the Internet. Each new TV comes with incorporated internet so you can watch your favorite videos, sports or trailers. This is something extraordinary. I love internet on my laptop and my tables, but on my television is something I only dreamed of.

Another great thing about these televisions is the video. This TV is a full hdtv with 1080p resolution. What can you want more from your television? If you want anything like perfect contrast and motionflow, you can’t go wrong with this television.

If you want sound, you got extraordinary sound on this television. Altough it’s not perfect, it’s going to work just fine.

One extraordinary thing about this television is that it feels your presence, which is kinda great! You know how many times you forgot your TV on. This TV is “smart” and “feels” your presence. If you are not in front of it, it closes down.

In conclusion, if you want to buy a new hdtv, then buy a 60 inch. Don’t go with 55 inch because they’re not good enough. You want the biggest and the most expensive lcd on the market You either want a new Samsung, Sharp or even a Sony. Choose yours! Good luck!

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