Best Ceramic Travel Mug For Coffee Drinkers

If you truly cherish a good cup of coffee then having the best ceramic travel mug is a great purchase. You not only save environmental waste by using a ceramic mug, over paper and Styrofoam options, but your coffee will simply taste better. If you care at all about the environment then boycotting Styrofoam should become a commitment. Not only does it taint the flavor of hot liquids, but it also clogs up landfill space. Sadly, Styrofoam accounts for approximately 30% of all landfill space around the globe and is also non-biodegradable.

If you drive a lot having a great travel mug filled with delicious coffee is an excellent road trip companion. Ceramic should be your choice for a travel mug, over any of the stainless steel mugs. Steel travel mugs cannot be safely reheated in a microwave, and often leave your coffee with a metallic aftertaste. The best ceramic travel mug can be reheated easily and washes well, so the flavor of your coffee is never compromised. Ceramic travel mugs are created using porcelain and have spill proof lids made out of silicon. You are saving trees each time you get your ceramic mug filled up at your local coffee shop. Not only are you doing something environmentally friendly, but also your coffee is less prone to spillage, and will stay hot longer than some other mug choices.

All of the best ceramic travel mugs are designed to fit snuggly in the standard sized cup holder of most cars. Many coffee and tea-houses provide a few varieties of ceramic travel coffee mugs for purchase. Also, many of the larger retail chains have some decent options and these may be priced a little lower than the coffee house competitors. Whether you buy your mug in a retail store, or online is entirely up to you. Once you start drinking coffee out of handy ceramic travel mug, you will never go back to paper or metal mugs again.

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  1. Trying to inspire my workforce of 45,000 to use ceramic mugs. Looking for a supplier to provide me with quality mugs at a great price that would make even the most frugal want to dig in and buy one. Target date of April 22, Earth Day. Anyone out there willing to help???? Thanks! BTW–16oz is the optimum size

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