One Of The Best Diets To Lose Weight Fast Resides At Weight Loss 4 Idiots

One of the best diets to lose weight fast can be found, for free, at the weight loss 4 idiots website.  The have a three step plan that can easily be followed by anyone.  Here is a quick outline of their weight loss plan and why it is so much better than any other diet plan out there.

First, they promote the Half Meal Habit.  This is a simple plan where you take what you normally eat and break it up into half-meals.  Basically, you will eat half of your lunch at lunch time and then replace your late afternoon snack with the other half of that lunch.  Doing the math, by replacing (effectively cutting out) two 300 calorie snacks (one between breakfast and lunch and one between lunch and dinner), plus cutting your dinner in half (eliminating another 400 calories) you can cut 1000 calories out of your diet per day!

This plan is so accessible to everyone because of several reasons.

You do not have to eat special foods. You will eat what you normally like, you just eat it differently and at different times.  You end up feeding yourself all day instead of getting full, getting hungry, getting full, getting hungry all day long.  No diet meals allowed!

You do not have to prepare 6 meals per day. The reason why the “eat all day” plan never works for people is because we do not have time to make a bunch of separate small meals for our day, every day.  Plus, with going out to lunch and so on, you can’t order a half meal!

You do not have to eat something different than you family. If your wife or husband prepares lasagna, you are going to eat it, even if you’re on a low carb diet!  No problem with the Half Meal Habit.  Just eat half of your normal serving, and you have succeeded!

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