Best Places To Live In California 2011

Finding the best places to live in California 2011 is a very different experience than it was 10 years ago. 10 years ago, or even three years ago things in California were not nearly as challenging on many levels. The state government is struggling with budget deficits and trying to find ways to revitalize the economy of California from a place that looks difficult at best to recover from.

Finding that best place in California still involves looking at things like weather and geography but in addition to those, one must consider other factors that have not often been in the fore front of a person’s mind looking to make the right choice for relocation into the Golden State.

Job opportunities are not what they were a few years ago and unfortunately the cost of living in many California locations has not changed all that much as our state and federal economy and even the world economy have slipped into near recession status. It’s a time of reflection and pulling back in many places so these factors have to be considered and may even cause your priority list to change before you make this decision.

Let’s go back to basics and think about what is important before these changes came to the forefront and from there we’ll add in these newer factors. Five years ago it would have been advisable to set down and make your priority list of what you wanted. Things like job opportunities. weather, proximity to activities that were of interest to you and your family, school systems, crime rate, etc. All these things were probably on the top of your list still.

Now, in addition to those things one must place more emphasis on things like job opportunities, and the economic outlook for whatever area or areas that are being considered. You might want to consider what effects budget cuts might have on your family in the new area to. For instance if some schools were closed is it possible that the school in the area you have chosen might be on that list. It’s a tough thing to figure out but at least think about it. If gas prices continue to rise, you may need to consider the cost of your commute if you believe the jobs available for your skill set are not near the place you choose to live.

This post is certainly not meant to be exhaustive but to start your mind thinking about what may need to be considered along with the standard priorities as you search for the best places to live in California 2011. The game has changed but that doesn’t mean you can’t come out a winner. It just means you may need to change your strategy and rethink your priorities.

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