How To Use Handheld Versions Of The Best Vacuum Cleaner For Pet Hair

The beauty of the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair these days, thanks to technology, is the great amount of flexibility it has. These days vacuum cleaners for pet hair removal come in different forms, and possibly the most helpful and most convenient is a portable hand held vacuum cleaner. This type of vacuum cleaner can be used in vehicles, on upholstered furniture, on bed sheets and pillow cases, on drapery and curtains, as well as on small areas of the carpet. Here is how to use your hand held vacuum cleaner in the most efficient way.

First, make sure that your hand held vacuum cleaner is charged fully. When you by your pet hair vacuum cleaner, purchase one that has a long lasting battery life, so that you can clean for prolonged periods without worrying about the appliance dying on you in the middle of cleaning. A hand held vacuum cleaner will usually come with a charger.

If you are cleaning inside your vehicle, begin first with the car seats before the carpet. This is so that if ever any dog or cat hair escapes, it will just fall onto the carpet and you can clean it up afterwards. This will make your cleaning more efficient. For the back rest of the car seat, use upward and downward motions to suck up the pet hair. Then move on to the actual seat of the car. Move the vacuum cleaner forward and backward, using slow strokes.

When cleaning the carpet of your car, you may choose to take it out of the car first, so that you can do a more thorough cleaning. However, if you do not have the luxury of time, you can still clean the carpet while inside the car. Use forward and backward motions just like with the car seat. To make sure that no hair is left at all, you can quickly go over everything again with a lint brush.

When cleaning inside your home, the same logic applies. Clean interior design furniture such as couches and arm chairs first, and then move on to the carpet.

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