Bipolar Disorder Symptoms In Children – What To Do If You Discover Them

Bipolar disorder symptoms are rife within our society. 4.4% of adults are suffering from this condition. Only 1% of reported cases are children; that is cases of a child or teenager who has been brought to the attention of a doctor when they are presenting any of the signs or symptoms of this condition. Yet, it is curious that over half the all adults, that is 2.2% of all the adults, have stated that they were suffering from the condition before they reached adult. They were getting the signs and symptoms of the condition in their teenage years or even further back into their childhood years.

It’s not very difficult to understand why bipolar disorder symptoms in children are difficult to diagnose. For instance, most parents would be absolutely loathed to think that their child could suffer from a mental illness. Most children are going to be exuberant and happy and full of life, full of mischief, maybe a little bit down sometimes, etc. It’s all part of growing up. Most teenagers will be going through their hormonal changes and will show signs of being a bit tempestuous times, trying to push the barriers at times, even being a bit anarchic at times. Parents will look at this and think that it is perfectly natural.

But it is only after the presentation of the first symptoms start to get worse and worse. The depressions begin to get deeper and the mania starts to become more out of control that parents finally understand that there is something wrong with the child. If you discover bipolar disorder symptoms in your child then you should most definitely go straight to your doctor for medical attention. This is not a condition that can be cured in today’s society but it can definitely be treated.

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