Black Mold Removal Concerns

Homeowners are becoming more interested in learning about black mold these days. Number one on their list seems to be how to remove black mold, especially toxic black mold. It worries them that they might be causing health problems in their family by exposing them to mold.

Is mold removal safe in general? Yes, as long as certain conditions are met. First, the area should be under ten square feet. Anything over that should probably be handled by professionals. Second, you need to have the right protection. Third, you need to fix the water source problem before any removal. Otherwise, the mold will just grow back. Lastly, you need to be comfortable with removing mold.

Before beginning any mold removal, you need to ascertain the water source that is allowing the mold to grow. If you had major water problems, such as burst pipes or flooding, a professional water damage repair company should really be your first step. They can not only repair the problem, but they can thoroughly dry the area. For large areas of water damage, this is usually not feasible to do on your own – industrial equipment is needed.

If the contamination is something that you can handle on your own, you first need to decide if you feel comfortable doing it. If the thought of touching the mold is out of your comfort zone, then by all means, call in professionals. They are trained in handling hazardous materials and can get it done quicker and more efficiently than you.

If you think this is something you can do, and you got the water source problem fixed, you need to ensure you are wearing the correct personal protection equipment. You basically want to cover your entire being to prevent mold spores from coming in contact with your skin and from breathing them in. This requires long pants, long sleeve shirt, and closed shoes. It also means a N-95 respirator, long rubber gloves, and eye goggles – all of which can be purchased at your local hardware store for under $30.

Although you come in contact with mold spores throughout any normal day, when you are removing mold, many spores will be released and it will be like a bombardment of spores on your body. While you might react with slight allergy-like symptoms, it can also be more severe. Better air on the side of caution with mold.

The actual removal process is quite simple. There is no need to kill the mold first, simply remove the mold and wipe down the area. As long as you have fixed the water source, mold will not grow back, whether you use a mold removal product or not.

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