Throw Some Intensity Into Your Workouts

If you are dedicated to working out and sports then you probably like to take things to the limit. You are one of the rare individuals who don’t mind putting in extreme effort to get results. Whether it is hitting it hard in the gym or taking it to the max on the court, nothing less than the best will do.

Exercise is important in order to stay in peak physical condition. If you have been working out for many years then your body has been adapting the whole time. Eventually you either need to change your bodybuilding workouts or take it to the next level with extreme bodybuilding. Standard weight lifting routines will be effective for awhile but there will come a time where you must get intense in order to see results. You may not need to do it forever but every once and awhile it is good to give your workouts an intensity boost.

The same goes for cardio workouts too. If you are one who spends an hour five times a week doing the same routine, you’re probably reaching a point of diminishing returns. Take it to the extreme by trying something new. One great way to increase the intensity is to do interval training. Interval training is a workout that starts with a warm-up then steadily increases in intensity to the peak which is maximum intensity for a short period. After a minute or so the process starts back in the middle and builds up again. This intense exercise usually only lasts about twenty minutes instead of the hour you might be used to.

The point is that any routine can get old and your body will adapt. Keep your body guessing so that you can continue to make steady gains in all of your workout efforts.

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