The Evolution Of Glass Bottles For Babies

Glass bottles have been around longer than the more popular plastic baby bottles that you see everywhere these days. Glass baby feeding bottles have been around longer than a hundred years and they have served parents admirably until the lighter, cheaper, and more convenient plastic baby bottles came into existence.

Baby bottles have been used by humans since ancient times, making them out of horn, leather, and even wood. Ceramic was one of the most popular until the mid 1800’s when the glass baby bottle and the rubber teat were patented and introduced to the public. Early glass bottles were shaped like gourds that had rubber or glass tubes and stoppers attached. They were quite popular because they allowed the young child to feed without supervision. The downside was that they were incredibly difficult to clean. In fact, many of the health concerns with babies at the time were caused by these feeding bottles.

At the moment, glass bottles again seem to be making a comeback, though nothing like the wild popularity they enjoyed in the late 19th and early 20th century. The concern at present is that plastic bottles might have compounds that are dangerous to the human health, a child’s in particular.

Plastic bottles are still more efficient to many parents due to the lightweight material and the cheaper costs. Also, there are more and more innovative manufacturing processes that are taking the risk and danger out of them, as well as making them stronger and more durable, which means that plastic is still the most used material for baby bottles out there, glass and stainless steel taking the back seat. There are a number of benefits for the glass baby bottle as well though and parents who want to be entirely sure that their baby bottles are safe are numerous.

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