Why You Should Buy Original HP Cartridges

Once you buy a good printer for your office or home, the next burden on your head to get the ink cartridges. It is how most of all the companies make money, they sell you the printer at a cheaper price and then sell the ink cartridges at more price. Well, it is always true with the things like this and cars. You can buy a car, but damn difficult to maintain it. Hp deskjet 1000 comes at $30, but the printer ink cartridge for XL size is around $21 which is almost the same cost of the printer.

It is the same with all the companies vending printers to you. It is how their business runs and we cannot blame them. There are many types of printers ink cartridges that are available with the market. Original hp ink cartridges are really expensive and we tend to buy some ordinary or duplicate content at a bargain price. There are several tests that are run to find out the efficiency of the printers and they all turn out to fail one out three ink cartridges while they are being used the printer. Original hp ink cartridges are made specifically for hp printers and it will add more health to your printers.

The quality and the content of  compatible and re-manufactured ink cartridges are very bad and it will bring down the efficiency and the printing quality of the printer. The ink that is being used will clog the nozzle of the printer and it might pose you with greater expense to get it repaired. The leakage factor of refilled and re-manufactured hp ink cartridge is quite high compared to the original printers.

Finally speaking, original hp printer ink cartridges provide you more printing capacity i.e 65% more prints when compared to other cartridges. It will avoid the delicate factors that might dislodge the cartridges from the perfect place of it inside the hp printers. So it is always recommended to go for original stuffs.

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