Buying a Dog Bed

When looking for a new bed for your dog there are several things that will need to be taken into consideration to help you decide which type would suit your dog the most.

Start by thinking about whether he will sleep indoors or out, or even both.  A fabric bed will be completely unsuitable for outdoor use as it will only take one downpour to turn it into a lumpy mess.  Even beds which would themselves be unaffected by rain, for example plastic beds, will need a special waterproof cushion to make them usable outside.  Remember that those who use dog kennels for their dogs will need no more than a cushion as most beds won’t fit within their confines.

Then think about the design style that you would go for.  You may want nothing more than a practical bed or you might be very interested in something a bit more stylish or funky.  Wicker baskets have a nice, traditional look make from natural materials while some of the designer fabric beds made from unusual materials such as velvet or fur can be really cool.

However, there is one type of dog bed that is growing in popularity but is still relatively unknown, the raised dog bed.  This type of bed is made from a strong steel structure with legs to keep it above the ground and a stretched, breathable fabric cover on top.  The most popular make is the Coolaroo dog bed which is resistant to UV damage, prevents fleas and mites from breeding and, most importantly, keeps your dog up above any cold floor or drafts.

Elevated dog beds are also great for older dogs who can no longer bend so well and so struggle with getting into and out of bed.  Being high up helps to protect the joints and reduces further damage.

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