Tips for Buying a Professional Poker Set For Your Home Games

Card games have been a favorite past time in America for centuries and more families are hosting poker night at their house instead of driving to casinos. In order to get the full card playing experience, you need to get a few gaming supplies like a card table, plastic playing cards, professional poker set, etc. Finding a poker set is as easy as browsing the internet, but finding professional poker sets takes a little more effort to find. There are so many options out there that the novice player will have a hard time figuring out which poker sets are professionally made.

One of the key indications of a professional poker chip set is how the chips were made. Most high quality chips are made up of clay and will cost a little more than the plastic poker chips. The reason why they cost more is because of the long process of molding the chips and baking them during the hardening process. Most professional poker chips set are multi-colored that is designed with so much detail. Clay poker chips have been used in casinos for poker and that is the preferred material for a pro poker set.

One of the misconceptions of a professional poker set is the notion that the heavier the poker chip is always the highest in quality. The weight of the poker does not have any means of portraying its quality. The standard chip weight on the market is 11.5 grams, but chips can go as heavy as 15 grams. Real casino chips weigh anywhere between 8.5 to 10 grams each. Weight doesn’t matter when it comes to finding a professional poker set because manufactures can makes a chip out of heavier plastic with a metal slug in the middle to trick people to thinking that these are high in quality.

Once you play with a a pro poker set, you will never look go back to plastic chips again when playing poker at your home.

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