You Can Never Have Just One Camping Smores!

The first time a person is offered a smores, they understand why the saying is that you can never have just one. This Girl Scout campfire treat has been around forever and, from first bite, is a lifetime favorite, a passion for some. In fact, there are few people who do not like smores. Traditionally, they are cooked over a campfire but, today,  smores can be made in the microwave as well as using the canned heat of a sterno.

While roasting the marshmallows is normally done on a stick, some people use a wire basket to cook the smores as a whole unit. Traditionalists may balk at this approach but it helps to melt the chocolate before consuming. And, if you think a melted marshmallow is good, just wait until you try camping smores with a melted chocolate square.

In fact, most people are used to roasting marshmallows to a light golden brown and then placing the melty goodness between two graham crackers. The chocolate only partially melts this way but the method has worked for generations. You can always have two smores, one cooked using each method.

Smores are great for a special, celebratory dessert or a Friday night campfire treat with friends, big and small. You should always keep plenty of ingredients on hand for impromptu gatherings around the bonfire or, if you are always eating the chocolate before the event, you can purchase pre-assembled kits that contain everything you need, marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate, for some family fun.

You can even add a variety of extras like peanut butter and jelly to your snack. It is really just matter of personal preference. Experimenting is always recommended until you find the best combination for your taste buds. And, if this never happens, it is ok because everyone can agree that having just one is never enough.

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