The Affordable Canon G12 PowerShot

If ever there was a type of point and shoot camera that has the ability to let complete photography amateurs take incredible pictures that will impress everyone who sees them, it’s Canon’s “G” series of cameras.  These cameras have a well earned reputation for being incredibly easy to use and affordable.  The PowerShot G12 is the latest version in this famous series of cameras.  With each new version of the “G” series of cameras, they definitely keep getting better and better.  These cameras are able to capture the amazing images that wow the masses due to the incredible technology that Canon packs into these cameras.  The G12 has several new features that its predecessors don’t have.

One of the reasons why the Canon PowerShot G12 has become nearly legendary in its performance is thanks to the company’s HS System.  This system allows users to take pictures that are far more sharp and bright than other cameras with exactly the same amount of megapixels.  The main reason for this is the inclusion of the company’s new HS System.  The HS System is really a combination of three different sub-systems including 10.0 megapixel imaging, the DIGIC 4 image processor, and a CCD sensor.  When used together, they become a photographic technological tour de force.

One exciting new feature that the G12 has that was not present in the G11 is the ability to capture video clips in 720P high definition.  These video clips have audio and video that is extremely high quality.  You won’t mind showing video you captured with the G12 to friends and family at all.

While the Canon PowerShot G12 has the ability to capture some truly incredible images by itself, Canon has created a variety of accessories to go with this camera that allow the user to expand upon the camera’s capabilities.  Just one of these popular accessories is the Speedlight flash which has numerous automated settings.  One type of accessory that the G12 can’t use due to its point and shoot nature is extra Canon camera lenses.

In the world of point and shoot cameras, the Canon G12 camera is definitely in a league of its own.  The powerful but affordable camera will have you taking pictures like a pro in no time.

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