Capstar Flea Medication: Simple Way To Eradicate Fleas And Ticks In Pets

Two of the many concerns of pet owners nowadays are the flea and tick infestations that might affect their domestic canines and pooches. Ticks and fleas can be easily acquired by your pets from other animals or during and exposure to a dirty environment. When they already have an active infestation, it is important for you to provide them with proper drugs like Capstar and Frontline Plus. Also, be sure to keep your children away from your infested pets until they get better because it will impose a great deal of risk to human health as well.

Capstar flea medication is a drug known to effectively kill adult fleas in domestic cats and dogs. It comes in an oral preparation that may be crushed into smaller bits of pieces or can be taken whole when your pet can tolerate it. Usually, the drug is administered just once depending also on the extent of infestation on a domestic animal. Within 24 hours after the drug administration, you can already observe a great deal of positive effects on your pets. On the other hand, the drug Frontline Plus is often prescribed together with Capstar. This drug however comes in a liquid form that is applied directly on to the skin of the affected animal. Because it’s applied topically, the drug works faster than most medications for fleas. In fact, just within 12 hours, fleas are already killed and within 48 hours the added benefit of taking down ticks is successfully met. Both drugs are safe and effective even for pregnant and lactating domestic pooches and cats.

To know more about the two drugs, consult the vet of your pets on your next visit. If you are interested in purchasing Capstar and Frontline Plus, do not buy them directly from pharmacies in your area. You can buy the best Capstar and Frontline Plus deals on various websites that sell them at a much lower price.

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