When Do You Need A West Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney?

The thing about living in a populated area is that there’s always a risk of getting into an accident vehicular in nature. The number of people driving is enough cause for the rise in car accident rate, and West LA is no exception. There are just too many cars with too many drivers and too many opportunities to run across someone who has run a red light or is speeding or is not using signals. With the possibility of getting in a car accident getting higher, a lot of people already have a basic idea on what to do when in such a situation. You wait for the police, you file an accident report, you exchange insurance information, you file for compensation, and – after a lengthy process – get the compensation you deserve. The problem is that not all situations go as smoothly as this one and there are instances when the help of a good West Los Angeles car accident attorney is needed.

One of the instances where you should start consulting with West Los Angeles personal injury attorneys is if your claim is denied or the amount approved is not enough to cover the damages. Of course, you can follow up and persevere and all that, but the fact is, without legal representation, the majority of insurance companies will either under compensate you or not pay at all. Another situation is when you think you share liability for the injuries you sustained. This is called contributory negligence and you need a good lawyer to make sure you completely understand the concept and set your expectations.

Some other circumstances where the services of a West Los Angeles car accident attorney is essential is when there’s substantial damage to property, if you feel rushed into a decision by the insurance adjuster, and if the claims process is taking longer than you expect since this can mean you also need to factor in the statute of limitations.

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